How to make orders?

  1. In the "Shop", select the item and click the button "Add to bag" to add it to your shopping bag.
  2. Make the necessary corrections of the quantity of goods or delete unnecessary item from your shopping bag.
  3. When all the items which you want to buy are added to shopping bag, click the button "Order".
  4. Make an order, filling in all the necessary information about the customer and address. And choose delivery type:
    orders from 20 EUR
    orders less than 20 EUR
     Estonia/Lithuania European Union
     In other countries
     Ierakstīts sūtījums pastā
     free 1.20 EUR
     5.00 EUR
     10.00 EUR
     20.00 EUR
     OMNIVA pakomāts
    0.99 EUR
     5.00 EUR
    Kurjers 5.00 EUR
     7.00 EUR

  5. Choose payment method:
    Through Paysera payment system at time of order
    - for making a payment using the data of the Latvian Internet Bank "Swedbank", "SEB Banka", "Citadele", "Nordea"
    - for making a payment using the data of Lithuanian, Estonian and other Internet banks
    Through Paypal payment system at time of order
    - for making payments using payment (VISA, Mastercard or Amex) card data
    - Make payments using the funds in your Paypal account
    From bank account based on a prepaid invoice
    - Make a payment to bank account on received invoice in Your email within 5 days of receiving day
  6. Carefully check all information included in the order. Go back to the previous ordering steps with the keyboard key "Back" in order to correct information or confirm the order by clicking the button "Order".

Order payment

It is possible to pay by bank transfer to a bank account.

  • You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of availability of all ordered products and invoice after the order within one business day
  • Please make payments only after receipt of the invoice
  • Invoice should be paid within 2 business days from the date of issue

If you have not received the invoice within one business day after the order, please contact us.

Fulfillment of order

Packing of the order and send out is made no later than next day days after payment is received in bank account of the Customer.

If the order is made on weekend or holidays, then the order is sent on the first business day after the weekend or holidays.

Delivery service

Products are delivered to Latvia and Baltic states via Latvian Post or Omniva depending on Customer choice.

Delivery to territory of Latvia:

Orders in amount from 20 EUR

  • Delivery costs with Omniva and Latvian post is free of charge
  • Delivery for orders with courier is 5.00 EUR

Orders in amount less than 20 EUR

  • Delivery costs with Omniva is 0.99 EUR
  • Delivery costs with Latvian post is 1.20 EUR
  • Delivery for orders with courier is 7.00 EUR
Delivery usually is within 2-5 days after payment of the payment is received

Delivery to territory of Estonia and Lithuania:

  • Delivery costs with Omniva or Latvian post is 5.00 EUR
Delivery usually is within 5-10 days after payment of the invoice is received

Delivery in other countries:

  • Countries of European Union delivery costs is 10.00 EUR
  • Other countries worldwide (except EU countries) delivery costs is 20.00 EUR
Delivery usually is within 10-20 days after payment of the invoice is received

In case, when you have questions or you have special requirements which are related with delivery of order (e.g. delivery by courier service, delivery to countries outside the European Union, etc.) please contact us.

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When you apply an order you have agreed to conditions of Distance contract  (read here >)